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Born Of Osiris - Warped Tour/ West Palm Beach, Florida.

Born Of Osiris - Warped Tour/ West Palm Beach, Florida.


I had been told that my heart was calloused and that was the truth. I strayed from the path of happiness that was built for me but the truth is, it frightened me.
I was a tarnished soul too stubborn to open my eyes, in fear of feeling a blade that was common, restricting myself to keep happiness inside of me.
I felt everything slip between my fingers like sand while everything I loved died right before my eyes.
I have learned that I am more than just a common man because in his eyes, he can fill any empty crevice that feels unfulfilling.
I write this in hopes that a set of eyes will read this because I am attempting to reach my final form where I expel the darkness from within and give my condolences for the hearts that I have splintered.
I now find simplicity in who I have become and extinguished the hate and misery that followed me like a thunderstorm which craved my soul.
Rest easy and live a life filled with love because that is all I have to offer.
I hope you’re blossoming like you always have and I wish the best for you.
I am at peace.


For the longest time, I felt as if I’ve needed someone to fill a void that lived deeper than the flesh wrapping my bones. I had a hole that could not be filled and I have landed on this plateau in my life where I can differentiate need and want, love and lust, strength and weakness. All I’ve needed was to love myself, even if I’m a puzzle board with scattered pieces. Everything that is broken can be fixed. Everything that is fragile can be strengthened. Life is beautiful.

"I am a sinking buoy that never learned how to float. Let the ocean cast my bones to shore as a reminder that I could not make it home in one piece. I drift with tied lips, I drift with tied lips."

-•Anchors / Ryan Daniel Philbeck


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